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Ravenheart Reviews: Archived

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(Independent Release) Reviewed 3rd December 2007

My friend Molly from ROTT brought this band to my attention. 3rd Room fronted by Khay Lenitas are from Italy, and the band very kindly sent me their 4 track cd, which is a very good showcase for this band's talent. The cd by the way does also offer a video to the track 'In My Room'. I like what is on offer in this tasty little package. This is one for fans of Nightwish and similar, although they do not clone Nightwish by any means. All four tracks here are strong efforts, but I do like the opener 'Falling Leaf'. Music like this again confirms to me how much good music is out there waiting to be snapped up by a label. If only the labels would take the chance and snap it up. Anyway, label or not, this is a pretty good effort and should be checked out by fans of the genre. Visit them at . You know you should! 7.5/10 (Reviewed by Dave).


(Independent Release) Reviewed 10th July 2010

The self funded EP by this awesome UK band has been recorded with the expert help of Season’s End guitarist Tim Goatham at his home in Hampshire (UK). And what a good move that has turned out to be. Fronted by the very likeable Trissy Norris, Tainted Grace with this 5 track EP, are already flirting with the Premier League. And they are proving that there is some awesome female fronted talent here in the UK, which still for some reason seems to get criminally ignored by the European labels. 'Catatonic' and 'Labyrinth' kick things off, and this opening salvo proves how the band has moved on leaps and bounds from some of their previous recorded material ('Liberatae Mai Vol 1). Trissy's vocals indeed taking on an occasionally folk like feel, which mixes well with the heavy style of music on offer. 'Eternal Night' is a slower accoustic style of song, but still with the heavy guitars to spice it up a bit. 'Shadows On The Tide' (my fave track here), has some cool metal riffs and has a hideously catchy chorus to boot, while 'The Rapture' closes this current chapter in the band's recording history, and I must say this record to my ears is a winner. It is heavy, it's melodic and it HAS to be checked out by lovers of our beloved genre, so go to - PLEASE!
8.5/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Nail Records) Reviewed 24th Feb 2015

Hungarian Band TALES OF EVENING has taken our breaths away here at Ravenheart Music. This is an amazing 12 track album full of Symphonic Metal delights, sung in the band’s native tongue by Ivett Dudás. Some bombastic offerings here including the opening track Hagyi repulni’ that comes into the fray after a brief intro. And if that left you breathless, just listen to the rather nice ‘Van a pillanat’, what a way to start an album from this unknown (to me anyway) band. Further stomping highlights include the catchy ‘A szel feltamad’ (Winds Will Rise) which was released as a single I believe (an English version is digitally available - video here), the awesome power ballad ’Rimekben elsz’, the thumping ’Lelekvihar', and the penultimate track, the spoken word of 'Utravalo'. Certainly, the European mainland seems to be delivering the goods at the moment and this band is of no exception, heading for the top tier of Symphonic Metal with this release. Although I have no idea of any translations apart from their aforementioned single, there are nonetheless musical highlights galore on this recording, so go check them out here. Enough said, but regarding trying to pronounce some of the stuff here, if I tried to pronounce the title of the album, I think it would sound rather rude!.. 9/10 (The Nugget).


(Mazzar Records, Russia) Reviewed 19th November 2009

Want an album that is heavy, melodic, offers a mix of power and progressive metal, and has death metal vocals and clean vocals, all vocals done by leading lady Sofia Raykova. Then check out Russian band Tantal. This album to be honest has taken the wind out of my sails, literally! The album kicks off with the cries of a baby before the 8 minute plus title track steamrollers it's way from the speakers, with brutally harsh vocals from Sofia and a chorus to die for (that features Sofia's clean vocal style). The album, featuring this mix of vocal styles, continues at a pace that will leave you gasping for breath, with most of the tracks perfectly merging into each other giving one absolutely no time to catch their breath. And with guitar solos in the best tradition of Dream Theatre, Malmsteen and the like, this is a very good album for anybody that enjoys their music aggressively heavy, melodic and loud. The sound has been taken care of by Eugene Vinogradov (Crematory) and I have to say that this album sure is worth checking out. Not one if you are into the softer side of our beloved genre, but this is a safe bet for the metal fans out there. I always know how good an album is, and while listening to this 8 track offering, the 50 minutes just flew by. Go to and check them out. 9/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Mazzar Records) Reviewed 23rd June 2014

Tantal is a Melodic Death Metal band hailing from Moscow, and here on their latest offering, they supply the listener with 10 tracks of blistering metal to awakening the senses. And despite the heaviness of the music on offer, there is always a sense of melody bubbling under the surface, just like their previous album 'The Beginning of the End'. With angelic female vocals from Milana Solovitskaya and Death vocals on this release from guest vocalist Vlad Lobanov, the band set the pace with opener 'Through The Years', a blistering start, with a catchy chorus to boot. 'Expectancy Pt1 (Desert In My Soul)' and 'Echoes of Failures' continue the assault on the senses, with both offering yet further bouncy choruses featuring the vocals of Milana. This album so far is sure damn good. 'In Times Of Solitude' is an acoustic instrumental that enables us all to catch a breather before 'Nothing (Selfish Acts)' ups the ante yet again. And the momentum continues with the remaining numbers 'Pain That We Must All Go Through', 'Expectancy Pt 2 (Despair)' and 'Under The Weight Of My Sorrow I Crawl'. But there are actually two additionl tracks in Russian to compliment that to my ears is a very good album. Track nine and ten are indeed the opening two tracks of the album sung in Russian. This record is heavy, it is melodic and it sure damn rocks like hell! I will be the first to admit that Death Metal would not be my music of choice, but with the combination of male and female vocals, combined with melody, this is good. And despite the band being Russian, the singing is near accent free. Their Facebook is here... 8.75/10 (Dave)


(Warner) Reviewed 16th February 2011

Spanish singer Patricia first came to fame with the band Nexx and has also appeared as a guest for folk metallers Mago de Oz (Wizard of Oz), being voted the best female rock vocalist in Spain from 2005 to 2008. This is her new band with all songs co written by Patricia and her sister Monica, who also appears on rhythm guitar and vocals. Unlike Nexx she has chosen to return to her native language, which she uses to add a rhythmic quality to her vocals. Her sound is midway between Lacuna Coil and Robin Beck producing major label, commercial, catchy, driving melodic rock/metal. It's not going to reinvent the wheel but it does a most efficient job of keeping you entertained. Her vocals veer towards the American 'burst a blood vessel' style rather than the more restrained European way of singing, and apart from the language, this is a very American sounding album. Highlights include the infectious 'En Mi Locura' (video on Female Voices Blog), the bouncy 'Nada Sin Tu Piel', the swaying 'Aquel Callejon', the emotive 'Promesas Olvidadas' and the last track 'En Silencio' where the band cut loose. If you like prime quality melodic rock/metal head to her website at, a most efficient 8.5/10 (Phil)


(Warner Music Group) Reviewed 23rd September 2015

Genesis (released last year) is the third album from Patricia Tapia, formerly of Nexx and now second voice in Wizard of Oz (who I believe have so far released 14 albums!). Sung in Spanish, this latest album from Patricia is another rather good record to come from this talented musician. There are some catchy rockin' numbers here including second number in 'Miedo (En Lo Mas Profundo), the melodic 'Me Cuesta Respirar' (great chorus), the infectious 'En Mis Suenos' and the riff tastic 'Penquenas Almas'. They are just four tunes from a plateful of golden nuggets. Then we have the slower numbers like the atmospheric Power Ballad 'Neckna' (video here) - rather good if I may say so. Our version of this album closes with the Anastasia cover ‘Left Outside Alone’ - cool! If one has been lagging behind like we have, this is well worth adding to your ‘to buy list‘… 8.75/10 (The Nugget)


(Dancing Ferret Discs) Reviewed 14th July 2009

At long last, Tapping The Vein offers up their second album, and it's a must for fans of dark and heavy gothic rock. Anyone who already owns their previous album 'The Damage' WILL buy 'Another Day Down.' And they will not be disappointed. Lyrically this is seriously manically depressive stuff on offer here. Not a duff track on this record either. And Heather's vocals...splendidly cool, singing about being on a 'Horror Day' (not holiday) on the track 'I Don't Feel'! So go on, get hold of £12 and treat yourself to your own horror day, you know you must...8/10 (Reviewed by Aimee)


(Vertigo/Universal) Reviewed 24th November 2007

One thing is certain here. Finnish soprano singer Tarja Turunen has the voice of an angel. She may have been sacked from Nightwish, and indeed, I still do find all that shenanigans rather strange. After all, if you was manager of a soccer team, would you sack your star striker? Now onto the music..'My Winter's Storm' is one of the strongest albums you will hear this year! The single and opener 'I Walk Alone' will be one of the best songs you will hear this year too! The album itself mixes rock/metal & classical, merging it all together with Tarja's operatic and emotional vocal approach. More upbeat tracks like 'Die Alive' and the guitar driven 'Ciaran's Well' blend in well with the slower songs like 'Sing For Me' and 'Our Great Divide'. And that's not mentioning the cover of Alice Cooper's 'Poison', that to my ears even has a Queen feel to it. The limited edition version comes with a dvd and has three bonus audio tracks, including two other versions of 'I Walk Alone'. I love this cd, it has it all, and proves to me that female fronted rock and metal is well and truly alive and kicking. A definite must buy for fans of the genre. And if you are not, but you are curious, well buy it anyway, you may like it! 9.5/10 (Reviewed by Dave).


(Universal Records) Reviewed 8th September 2010

This is the most eagerly awaited release of the year, and with most of the big boys dormant, the door is wide open for our favourite opera diva to stride forth upon the World’s stage. We all know Tarja, so without further ado, let’s get that platter spinning and see what lies beneath. We start with a most unusual choice of opener, the Diablo Swing Orchestra craziness of ‘Anteroom of Death’ featuring a vocal extravaganza by the German a cappella metal band Van Canto. ‘Until My Last Breath’ is a rocker that proves beyond all reasonable doubt that the metal is back, followed by the big symphonic metal ballad, ‘I Feel Immortal’. ‘In For the Kill’ starts appropriately enough with the menacing strains of the Jaws theme before turning into a metal monster; it should be the title of the next Bond movie. The power ballad ‘Underneath’ takes it down a touch, then the mega melodic metal track, ‘Little Lies’. ‘Rivers of Lust’ is one of those ethereal ballads she does so well, and perhaps the track that is closest to My Winter Storm in style. We are back to metal, with a capital M, for ‘Dark Star’, with a touch of the Turkish and guest vocals by Phil Labonte (All That Remains), there are even some growls, yes, this really is Tarja! There’s no let up as we head into ‘Falling Awake’ with Joe Satriani setting fire to his fretboard. The gentler ‘The Archive of Lost Dreams’ features Tarja tickling the ivories, before the massive, dramatic symphonic metal closer ‘Crimson Deep’. The Deluxe version features a bonus CD with a further 3 cuts, including the Whitesnake chestnut ‘Still of the Night’. It is remarkable that an album that uses so many different co-writers, musicians and producers sounds so coherent, thanks to Tarja’s stamp of quality and distinctive sound. Winter Storm saw Tarja tentatively forging a new identity, but she appeared fearful of her metal past, perhaps worried about comparisons with that other bunch. This album sees the fulfilment of her quest, with her fully, proudly and confidently embracing the fact that she is a symphonic metal singer, albeit with many other sides to her music and her own unique gothic rather than power metal style. In a nutshell, this is a must buy, 9.5/10 (Reviewed by Phil)


(e.a.r Music /Edel) Reviewed 21st November 2012

This is Tarja live spread over 2 cds, and there is a dvd too. And we all know who Tarja is, unless one has been living in a cave for the past few years! This is awesome so do I really need to say anymore. It just sends shivers down my spine and if you are into female fronted rock and metal, this is a must buy and it is the best £10 I have spent for a while (from HMV at the Merry Hill Shopping Centre). So tell you what, just go out and buy it from HMV or your friendly local cd retailer!! One gripe, despite the music being live, there are fades between the tracks. But what the heck - this is breathtakingly beautiful, absolutely amazing and proves that Tarja can cut it on her own, but we knew that anyway. Act II? bring it on!! - 10/10 (Dave)


(E.A.R. Music) Reviewed 7th September 2013

I suppose the one problem Finnish soprano Tarja Turunen has is that she will always be known as the former singer with Nightwish, even though she is forging ahead with a solo career, and being rather more productive on the music front than her Finnish counterparts. This in-fact is her fourth solo studio album, that mixes very well Metal with the Operatic and succeeds where some others have tried and failed miserably! Now then, I shall admit that I was rather good at music while at school, but back in those days, the music studied was more of a classical vein. Therefore, I instantly recognised the intro and outro to the opener 'Victim Of Ritual' being an interpretation of Ravel's 'Bolero', and what a corker of a metallic opener this is. Totally awesome and Tarja's vocals - just take a listen yourself but the wow factor is well and truly there, I can assure you. And with the opener barely leaving you time to catch your breath, '500 Letters' kicks in, and I very much doubt you will hear a better chorus this side of Christmas - it will stay stuck in your head guaranteed - sheer brilliance! 'Lucid Dreamer' is 7+ minutes of musical inspiration, and with headphones, you can quite easily lose yourself mid way where the music takes on a near hypnotic and psychedelic feel just as if you was in a dream - magical! These opening three numbers have totally taken my breath away and it continues through tracks like 'Never Enough', already a live fave and having been featured on Tarja's 'Act 1' CD, the cover of Peter Gabriel's 'Darkness' complete with an Industrial feel coupled with distorted vocals, the classically infused 'Deliverance', the bombastic and melodic 'Neverlight' and the haunting ballad 'Until Silence'. With every track an utter winner, Tarja has found her own style with this release. It is heavy and bombastic, it has touches of the Classical and Operatic, it doesn't sound like Nightwish (for those that may be asking), and it is simply superbly stunning. I have a strange feeling that Tarja is leaving Nightwish well behind in her wake with this release! Well, at least if you are the vocalist in your own band, you haven't got to worry about the vocalist quitting!! 10/10 (Dave)


(earMUSIC) Reviewed 2nd June 2016

The Brightest Void is the sixth studio album by Finnish singer Tarja Turunen. It serves as a prequel to her main album ‘The Shadow Self’ due soon. It will be released tomorrow 3rd of June and contains 9 tracks. I am beginning to think that Tarja has well and truly thrown of the shackles of Nightwish, and is now well and truly established as a Rock/Metal act in her own right. Opener ‘No Bitter End’ is a catchy start to the album, while the up tempo ‘Your Heaven and Your Hell’ features Michael Monroe from Hanoi Rocks – great sax too btw! This awesome start to the album continues with the superb and catchy ‘Eagle Eye’ featuring Red Hot Chili Peppers very own Chad Smith. ‘An Empty Dream’ and ‘Witch Hunt' are kinda eerie numbers , while this amazing album continues with every remaining track including the two covers, ‘House of Wax’ (Paul Mccartney) and ‘Goldfinger’ (Shirley Bassey), sure fire winners, as one would expect from a Tarja release. The album closes with a new mix of ‘Paradise (What About Us)’ which was a collaboration with Dutch maestros Within Temptation. If this is a prequel to the main album, then all I can say about ‘The Shadow Self’ is “bring it on!” ... 9/10 (Dave)


(earMUSIC) Reviewed 4th August 2016

As I have previously mentioned, Tarja (this is also now the name of her band) has well and truly broken away from the shackles of Nightwish, and forging her own path within the grand metropolitan area of female fronted rock and metal. If you are a fan of the lass, this review will be deemed useless, as the CD would have already been purchased or ordered no matter what is said by any reviewer anywhere. Tarja the singer will soon be 39 years young, but it seems she has been around for ages, and I mean that in a nice sort of way. Opener 'Innocence' is absolutely amazing and whoever plays that piano can sure play that piano - awesome! 'Demons In You' is a melodic and heavy belter featuring Arch Enemy's Alissa White-Gluz who provides some rather cool growls. 'No Bitter End' features on the recently released 9 track prelude to this album 'The Brightest Void', although this version is just a little longer. And the awesomeness continues with ’Love To Hate’, a Symphonic Metal masterpiece, the piano together with strings at the forefront of proceedings and one of my faves from the record. Next up is the Muse cover 'Supremacy' which Tarja has made her own, while ‘The Living End’ is a more soothing laid back number. ‘Diva’ opens with the sounds of waves and commences in a rather quirky fashion but there is anger within those lyrics! ‘Eagle Eye’ with Chad Smith on drums also features on the prequel album and I do enjoy its catchy chorus. Following track, the awesome ‘Undertaker’ is nothing to do with the wrestler, but has a film score style intro and is another absolute belter. The closing duo of ‘Calling From The Wild’ and ‘Too Many’ end what is a totally magical album. And regards the latter, there is an un Tarja like surprise! Lyrically, this is possibly her most polished, strongest and darkest album to date, it sure is her heaviest and to be frank, near to perfection as Tarja the band set out their stall for the future.… 9.75/10 (Dave)


(Ravenheart Music) Reviewed 17th December 2012

Greek goddess Tatiana Manolidou comes from a family of musicians, and has studied piano,vocal and theory of music since her early years. She has composed music for the Greek theatre and TV, as well performing many concerts in Greece and Cyprus. Most of the lyrics are written by professional poet Cindy L Spear who has worked with the likes of Lisa Fury, Last Knight, Iona and Mandalaband, her words perfectly capturing the spirit of Tatiana's music, and some of the production was performed by Bob Katsionis, the guitarist/keyboardist from the top metal band Firewind. Her music swirls around Silent Force era Within Temptation, Vic Anselmo, Karnataka, Elane and Clannad to create a unique Celtic symphonic rock/metal infusion. She has a warm, pure, but expressive voice, her tremor similar to Vic Anselmo's, and she can also perform some remarkable vocal gymnastics, not like an overcooked Leona Lewis soul diva, but more like the call of a siren. Beginning with the blissful Celtic intro 'Breath of Light', we are treated to a trio of sumptuous multi-faceted symphonic rock/metal numbers 'When I'm Lost' (video on Female Voices), 'Oh Love' and 'Tree of My Trees' where Tatiana shows she can also do operatic. 'Mana' reminds me of a Clannad/Kells soundscape, 'My Lonely Prince' is a fairytale adventure, then the superb 'Ring of Darkness and the fantastic 'When We Dance'. The album then becomes more mellow with the sublime 'A Prayer', the heavenly ballad 'Your Love' and the touching piano number 'Island of Gods', before being rounded off with Tatiana showing her film score credentials with the mystic eastern flavoured 'Kyrie' and the poignant haunting 'Epilogue: the Shadow and the Sea'. It's all beautifully orchestrated, produced and performed, and the music is allowed to breathe, rising and falling in intensity and volume. This is the sort of album that crosses the bridge between my heritage in melodic prog rock and my love of modern symphonic metal, in short, pure heaven. And I am not alone, everyone who has heard her music has been enraptured, this is an album of classic songs with colossal universal appeal. You will find her waiting for you at her Facebook, a sumptuous 9.5/10 (Phil).


(Independent Release) Reviewed 9th September 2009

For music lovers into Half The World and Suhgarim, here we have Tattermask, fronted by Amanda Caines. Another hard rocking band from the USA (North Carolina), and a band that is not afraid to provide the listener with stacks of melody too. This 6 track EP was sent to me by the band, and I must say I would like to hear more as and when it becomes available. A good little effort here - all the tracks can be heard on their myspace site Go on, you know you should! 8/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(STF Records) Reviewed 11th March 2013

Expressive vocals, fast riffs and unique melancholic piano parts - that is TBC. On TBC's second album, which was recorded and produced in Germany, the five Austrians combine the classic vocals of Natasha with Steve's epic vocal contributions. The pensive lyrics and the music are perfectly united and result in artfully arranged songs. TBC provide Gothic-Symphonic Metal at it's best. The band musically lies somewhere between Nightwish and Metallica, but they still have their own constant and distinctive sound which is rather likeable I must say. There are some catchy very accessible numbers here including the single 'Your Way' - the video to that can be viewed here. 'Gnade' is sung in their native tongue which showcases very well the vocal talents of both Natasha and Steve and is a great mid paced rocker in the process. 'Crystal Bride' is a Nightwish sounding number while 'Save Me' ups the tempo a touch - a catchy number featuring just mainly the vocals of Steve. Other songs that caught my attention was 'Lost', the rather cool 'Rush Of Antilogy', both featuring the TBC choir, the Metallica influenced (particularly at the start) 'My Sweet Hell' and the catchy closer 'Phonix' which is an extended bonus track. The album reflects the versatility of the band so why not check them out at 8.5/10 (Aimee)


(WormholeDeath) Reviewed 27th May 2015

Tearless from Croatia was formed in autumn 2003 by Zlatko Kušter (guitar, vocal), the late and dearly missed Marko Bregović (drums) and Zoran Ernoić (guitar) as a cover band. Soon after that, they started to compose their own music and write their own songs. The band expanded after Matija Brežni (keyboards), Josip Cujzek – Fure (bass guitar) and Kristina Mojzeš (female vocal) joined Tearless. In 2005 they recorded their first demo called 'Reverie', with Ivana Vuglač replacing Kristina as a female vocal. Fast forward to the current time, and there have been further personnel changes within the band, now featuring Ivana Novak as a female vocalist. This is a ten track Gothic Metal opus and in addition to Ivana's vocals, we have male vocals compliments of Zlatko Kušter and Filip Babić. This melodic and gothy album thunders along like a Japanese bullet train and to be honest, is rather good. We are unsure of a release date as yet, but the album will be well worth checking out when it appears. A preview of the album (the track 'Dreams Of You') can be viewed here… 8.5/10 (Dave)


(Indie Release) Reviewed 25th June 2015

Okay, I have absolutely nothing on this band except I believe that they are from Russia and they are big there too. But despite what I do or do not know, I have an album here in my grubby paws featuring 9 tracks of awesome mainly mid tempo Symphonic Metal. Of the nine tracks there is not a duff one in sight. And we also get a little Folk Metal thrown into the melting pot too on tracks like 'Le Legende', while there are ballads like 'I'll Remember You' and 'Beautiful Night', and I am a sucker for the odd ballad as most know. As I say, I know very little about Tears Of Heaven, but if you are able to pick this album up, it will be well worth it. Despite my lack of information regarding the band, they do have some videos on youtube including a 50 minute live video, so check the awesome ballad 'I Don't Believe You' out here... 9/10 (Dave)


(Scarlet Records) Reviewed 26th December 2008

Tears Of Magdalena from Finland has given us a little gem here. Fronted on this release by Magdalena Lee, she also plays keys and the violin. So she is obviously a very gifted lass, although I understand that she is no longer the band's vocalist (due to personal issues and disagreements). 'Myths and Legends' however, offers up 8 tracks of catchy gothic metal with growly/extreme vocals by a certain Mr Vasstago, who is also no longer in the band. And it seems that he has been in a little bit of bother with the Finnish Police due to harassments and nasty threats to other members of the band, and is under a restraining order as a consequence. Anyway, with enough to go on here to write a soap opera, what about the music? As I say, this release ain't bad at all, with the opener 'Aurora Borealis' a catchy up tempo number, and there are others where that came from...check out 'Immortal Love', 'In The Silence', 'Nightmare' and 'Your Blood Is My Wine'. This release would go down well with fans of Nightwish and the like, and even with the occasional throaty vox, I do urge any readers to check this one out. Cool production aswell. I would be interested to hear how their next record will pan out with new band members. Meanwhile, buy this one! 8/10 (reviewed by Dave)


(Massacre Records) Reviewed 15th March 2013

TEARS OF MARTYR fronted by female soprano singer Berenice Musa was formed back in the late 90’s on the Canary Islands (Spain). At that time the band had clearly a doom death flavour, but they already showed the key elements that can be easily identified nowadays, like the distinctive use of lead voices and classical orchestration arrangements to create their songs. Even though the metal scene in their homecountry was very small, the band kept growing and earned respect from the national media and attracted an ever-increasing fan base. In August 2012, TEARS OF MARTYR entered New Sin Studios in Loria, Italy, where they recorded this, their second full-length album. And what we have is ten tracks of epic Symphonic/Gothic Metal with harsh male vocals supplied by Miguel Ángel Marqués, who also takes on guitar duties. After the pounding opening duo of 'The Scent' and 'Golem', things slow up with the majestic and epic 'Mermaid & The Loneliness', with shades here of Tarja era Nightwish - very good indeed!! The pace picks up with the rather catchy'Vampires of the Sunset Street', while the folky vibe of 'Ancient Pine Awakes' brings a serene feel to proceedings. So far and so good - moving onto the second half of the album and can it get any better? Well, yes! 'Lost Boys' is a bombastic Symphonic effort, while 'A Fallen Hero' is a likeable mid tempo number. 'Of A Raven Born' has progressive fundamentals but has echoes again of Tarja's Nightwish together with choral elements. The closing duo of 'Wolves and a Witch' and the short instrumental 'Rain Into The Forest' (outro) are equally impressive, the former offering up some folk metal components. This is a well balanced, impressive and fresh mix for the listener, who will be immersed in a journey where the emotions play an important role. Great stuff and well recommended when released on 26th April... 8.75/10 (Dave)


(Scarlet Records) Reviewed 1st May 2014

Yet another Italian band graces us with their pleasure and what a pleasure it is. Temperance is born from musicians with more than 10 years of experience in the heavy metal music scene, who have already worked with and supported live acts like Rhapsody of Fire, Dragonforce, Parkway Drive and Leave's Eyes. The band offer an amazing mixture of tight guitars, metal riffs, electronic and folk music elements, bounded together with melody and power. They are a five piece combo fronted by a young lady called Chiara and managed by Truck Me Hard and I did say "Truck" peeps :) We have eleven tracks here that kick off with 'Tell Me' that offers the listener a foray into Power Metal territory. Second up 'Heavens Above' is a rather catchy number to say the least with some ooommmppphhh in the ooommmppphhh department coupled with some more serene moments, a rather nice number actually. A rather powerful start to the album and it continues with further bombastic and catchy tracks like 'Hero', the Power Ballad 'Stronger', the pounding and electro influenced 'Scared and Alone', the Symphonic 7+ minute epic 'The Fourth Season' and the catchy closer and a fave of mine 'Relentlessly'. And that is just a broad selection from what is on offer on this superb cd. Chiara reminds me at times of Charlotte from Delain and that cannot be a bad thing. So go and visit their Facebook page here, as everything here graces the very good category. Temperance is seriously challenging the heavyweights of the genre - 9/10 (Rachel)


(Scarlet Records) Reviewed 5th March 2015

OMG! quick on the heels of their well received S/T debut album that was released last year, we have the new one from Italian female fronted band Temperance. Fronted by Chiara and ably backed up by a fine bunch of musicians, I reviewed their debut for this site back in May 2014, and I stated after looking in my crystal ball, that "Temperance is seriously challenging the heavyweights of the genre". Well with this release and I must thank Dave for allowing me to review it, the band has well and truly thrashed any competition well into the ground. Featuring 13 tracks of some of the finest and catchiest female fronted Melodic Metal you are likely to hear this year, Temperance has become a major force within this style of music. Everything here is a gem of the highest quality, starting with 'Oblivion' with its wonderful choral interplay, through the pulsating and catchy 'Save Me' that pounds along like an out of control express train, the equally bouncy and superb 'Stay' and the bombastic 'Me, Myself & I' (lyric video here), there is nothing at all to fault within the record's confines. And to add that the closing title track is possibly the heaviest the band has ever done, but still so catchy!! To put it simply, this album is heavier than the debut, but maintains the strong melodic sensibilities of its predecessor. Temperance will be at The Quinphonic Festival on Sunday 5th April at The Roadhouse in Birmingham so may I suggest you go and check them out! 'Limitless' is a total must buy, expected release date 31st March and as one of Ravenheart's contacts has told us and I quote - "the album is as catchy as velcro". I second that!... 10/10 (Rachel Louise Smith)


(Scarlet Records) Reviewed 25th July 2016

Melodic metallers Temperance is going to release their new album on September 16th, confirming that the band will be well and truly established within the Premier League of Female Fronted Melodic Metal, and they have only been at it for three years! This being their third release is more complex, more mature, with one track, the interestingly titled 'Advice From a Caterpillar' exceeding 8 minutes and the closing number 'The Restless Ride' running in at nearly 13 minutes! To be perfectly honest, I love this band and this album sure is the biz. The opener ‘A Thousand Places’ is a 6 minute plus masterpiece showcasing the direction the band is travelling on this album – a complex and mature track with strong Symphonic influences and a catchy chorus. Chiara’s vocals are awesome, and Marco adds the male vocals to compliment those of the young lady. ‘At The Edge Of Space’ has a kinda Nightwish feel and pounds along rather nicely with another awesome chorus and easing out slowly with just a piano. ‘Unspoken Words’ is a great melodic number with a Folky feel, Marco and Chiara sharing vocal duties with Marco kicking things off. ‘Empty Lines’ flirts with Power Metal territory, an awesome up tempo number with yet another damn catchy chorus! ‘Maschere’ has electro influences and is the shortest track on the album being sung I assume in the band’s native tongue, this number being another massive offering from what is turning out to be a superb record. ‘Haze’ is another melodic thumper, with Marco’s vocals again kicking things off on ‘Fragments Of Life’, and the pace is relentless as ‘Revolution’ comes hammering out of the speakers. The aforementioned ‘Advice From A Caterpillar’ is next up, and is a great metal track with a bit of Jazz and a sexy sax thrown in for good measure – cool! ‘Change The Rhyme’ slows it down a bit with some acoustic guitar thrown into the mix, this track offering mainstream crossover appeal and just maintains the awesomeness of this cd. The epic closer ‘The Restless Ride’ is the topping on the cake, it is a mini album in itself within an album! Back on 1st May 2014, when my Rachel reviewed the band’s self titled debut, she closed the review stating that "Temperance is seriously challenging the heavyweights of the genre". That has turned out to be totally true – the band with this record is leaving them in their wake! Mixed and mastered at Domination Studio by Simone Mularoni (DGM), the band cannot wait to share this new album with everybody out there. This is massive! 10/10 (Dave)


(Independent Release) Reviewed 7th August 2007

Temujin is a gothic metal band from Australia. An independently produced cd, which I have quite taken a fancy too. The band being founded by Karl Lean, who was with an Aussie band called 'Nothing Sacred'. In 2004 Karl began solo writing of new material. With several arrangements underway, the next step was finding a vocalist with the sound and style to complement the music. A single session with the angelic sounding Kelly was all it took to confirm that something rare was taking shape. The arrival of Kelly instantly transformed the songs under development. Working from a collection of 25 completed arrangements, the final track listing of 13 songs was chosen for the debut CD "1000 Tears". And these atmospheric sounding songs are very good too. It is a real pleasure when something like this arrives at Ravenheart Towers. Please visit their myspace site at, and as I have said numerous times before, support a band that are unsigned and that fully deserve your attention. 8/10 (Reviewed by Dave).


(Red Pony Records/Audioglobe) Reviewed 22nd March 2012

Teodasia was founded by drummer and composer Francesco Gozzo in the Italian city of Venice in 2006. When I asked lovely leading lady Priscilla Fiazza about their name she said “Well it's not literal, but the idea is for it to come from theos, god, and asia, east. God of the East. To us: the Sun.. which makes sense with our overall message and image. Warmth, Joy, Positive outlook on life, Light..” Their cover art symbolises “Light, Sun, Phoenix, warmth of the sound, quality of 'joy' coming through from the sound, it all contributes to the build up of the same imagery and message”. This comes through in their vibrant, mega catchy, hook laden and very romantic symphonic gothic metal, which not only recalls bands like Rawkfist, Dama and Narwhal Tusk, but also the likes of Nightwish, Muse, Toto, Renaissance, Ennio Morricone, Jon Anderson, Rick Wakeman and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Priscilla has a truly awesome voice, at times she reminds me of a female Oliver Philipps, but she has many other styles with a incredible range, from deep in her boots to the occasional burst of operatic. The curtain opens with a very impressive symphonic introduction with their real choir, 'Intro – Spection' (clever title), then the dynamic 'Temptress' with it's distinctive operatic hook, 'Revelations' has a bouncing Toto esque verse that explodes into a soaring Muse like chorus, and then the stomping duet with Rhapsody's Fabio Lione, 'Lost Worlds of Forgiveness', and its stirring marching string synth motif (video on Female Voices). The gorgeous 'Close Call' ballad reminds me of Anderson and Wakeman, then the next two 'Clarion Call' and 'A Powerful Life' combine magical musical verses with cracking rocking refrains. 'Hollow Earth' is a multi-faceted Rawkfist esque number, then the glorious symphonic ballad 'Aurora', and the suitably galloping, marching, romping 'Pandora’s Knight'. The instrumental 'Eulogy' that rises from beauty to grandeur is simply stunning, and it's all rounded off by the dramatic 'My Minotaur' with yet more amazing vocals by Priscilla. The production by Andrea Bezzon is fabulous, crystal clear but deep and powerful with some super sounds and effects. Teodasia have produced a stunning début album that is sure to launch them upwards into the highest echelons of symphonic metal, their website is, a joyful 10/10 (Phil)


(ENT Entertainment/Flamedrop Productions) Reviewed 26th August 2014

Fancy a taste of Industrial Rock/Metal? Then may I suggest listening to South African Band Terminatryx. Fronted by Sonja, this band totally kick ass. All the ingredients are here - synths mixed with electronic elements, and off course some tasty guitar riffs too. Opener 'Metropolis' is a chaotic intro, may be the kind you would expect as an ideal intro to the music on offer, and this leads us into 'Holy', that drives along and demonstrates rather nicely the music the band throw at the listener. 'Scars' is damn awesome complete with introductory thunder sound effects. This number pounds along and is a fave of mine from the album, a thundering (excuse the pun) dance floor number. The Afrikaans 'Masjien' is another pounding number that would go down well in the clubs and no doubt live too, while the atmospheric title track slows it down a bit but maintains its heaviness. The heavy 'Gone' takes us to the halfway point and the album so far is rather good! The second half of the album continues in a similar vein with standout tracks a plenty including the mainly instrumental but thumping 'Outcast', and anybody into this kind of music would be in Industrial heaven, mark my words. The album closing with an Industriezone remix of the title track. The band's Facebook can be found here: - 8.5/10 (Dave)


(Crysella Records) Reviewed 10th April 2015

Emotions, dreams, the raw reality of life. This is the fabric which makes up the music of Czech Neo Gothic Metal band Tezaura. This their debut album is built around intense clean female vocal melodies, and balances across genres with modern electrosynth elements, classical orchestral parts and heavy distorted guitar riffs. It takes you on a dreamy journey to a world of fun, happiness, love, anger, sadness and every other daily emotion. Tezaura was originally formed in 2010 as a new project from singer Lori and keyboard player Filip. Other members joined in time, guitarist Nemo, drummer David and bass guitarist Mara. The band then released their demo EP 'Daydreaming', and the first music video 'Mechanical Ballerina' followed soon as a prequel to this album. Basically, what we have on this cd from the opening title track to the bouncy closer 'Heavenhell', are 10 high octane tracks of very catchy melodic Gothic Metal, that should appeal to a wide range of female fronted music loving fans, and possibly beyond too. This is rather good and very commercial sounding, some may argue that it has all been done before and is still being done, but what the frikin' heck is wrong with that when it is this good! Well worth checking out - released June 22nd!. The band's website is here .. 9.25/10 (The Nugget)


(Self Release) Reviewed 14th May 2012

That Was Yesterday (great name) fronted by Sara Von Grassen hail from Pavia in Italy, and this EP gives us 3 tracks of rather interesting Gothic Metal mixed with a little Darkwave, that is right up my alleyway, and confirms to me the talent out there that is just waiting to be discovered. Opener 'Leave Me' is a stomping rocker that will leave you wanting more, a song that typifies the genre so well! A great start. The slower 'Dream Again' is another good un, with a great acoustic interlude midway, and with some awesome atmospheric keys thrown into the mix. Closer 'That Was Yesterday', is another stomper, that perhaps ends a little too soon, but hey, never mind! I am overall very impressed with this recording. This is the band's second cd as far as I am aware, and they are searching for a record deal, and on this showing - well who knows! Powerful guitars, great keyboard and instrumental arrangements and a great voice. I like it! Check them out here...8.5/10 (Dave)


(Aural Music/SPV) Reviewed 22nd May 2008

This album is totally mind blowing. Who needs drugs when you can get a fix of Italian Vampyric Metal from these metal merchants! Put into a blender a mix of the Bloodflowerz, The Cult, and Suzie & the Banshees, mix in a fair helping of melody, crunching guitars and some good doses of electronica, and we have the new record by Theatres Des Vampires for all you Vampires out there to get your teeth into. 'Anima Noir' certainly seems more accessible than earlier releases, and this album deserves recognition worldwide. The cd kicks off with 'Kain' and the pace continues with 'Unspoken Words'. Third one in 'Rain' is The Cult classic. And Theatres Des Vampires have made the song their own..totally awesome stuff. In-fact I cannot fault 'Anima Noir' at all, and it has sure been a pleasant surprise. Check out further the songs 'Dust', 'Blood Addiction' and 'Butterfly' and you will be hitting the repeat button at the end to hear it all again. Great stuff throughout, and as for the vocals of Sonya Scarlet - lovely!!!! The cd can be bought from the major retailers, so there is no excuse. Get it now! 9.5/10 (Reviewed by Dave).


(Dreamcell11/Aural Music) Reviewed 1st December 2010

Theartres Des Vampires return with another Gothic Metal opus. All their past releases have been very enjoyable to my ears, and although I feel that their last record, 'Anima Noir' took a slightly more commercial an indeed an electro direction, 'Moonlight Waltz' sees the band return with a vengeance, while still retaining an accessible feel to their music. The opening salvo of 'Keeper of Secrets' and 'Fly Away' I think confirm those opinions. Third track in is the title track, and is totally awesome assuring the listener that this band is top drawer within the Gothic Metal genre, and not only that, vocalist Sonya is in top form too! 'Carmilla' and 'Sangue' bounce along quite nicely, while 'Figlio Della Luna' is the album's cover version (an Italian version of Hijo de la Luna by Mecano). There are further highlights galore on this record including 'Illusion', the at times haunting 'Obsession', and the upbeat and catchy 'The Gates of Hades'. The final track meanwhile, 'Medousa' kinda in a strange sort of way reminds me of a heavier Evanescence (but with Sonya at the helm :) ). 'Moonlight Waltz' confirms that Theatres Des Vampires are back and firing on all four cylinders. The album gets released in January and will sure be worth checking out. Great stuff and worthy of 9/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Aural Music/Soulfood Distribution) Reviewed 1st March 2012

This release (due May) is the official Live 17 track DVD of the best Vampiric Metal band in the World filmed during their last European Tour. We can add to that a bonus live audio cd including also the whole 'Cult Of Lamia EP', with 3 brand new studio songs composed for the upcoming 'Cult Of Lamia' Movie, starring leading lady Sonya Scarlet herself. There is even an amazing ltd edition Double Hardcover book box with a 40 page booklet... Frikin Awesome! Well, we review the 14 track cd here, and the three new tracks on the album are the ones that kick off this opus and they are typical Theatres Des Vampires fare, excellent as always, while listening to Sonya's voice alone will send shivers down your spine. Then we kick off the 11 audio tracks that feature the live performance with 'Keeper of Secrets', that also opened their 'Moonlight Waltz' album that was released last year. A great orchestral intro to a great bouncy number, and I am sure that when this bands gets let loose with their live show, I bet they are totally awesome. Seven of the 11 live numbers featured on the cd have been lifted from their last two studio albums, 'Moonlight Waltz' and 'Anima Noir'. I suppose you could say that this package is one for the fans, but it will also be a great introduction to anybody who is curious as to what Theatres Des Vampires has to offer. I wish to repeat that the live DVD is the main attraction here, offering up 17 live numbers + bonus material, while the cd, which is just a bonus offering with this package offers just 11 live ones (plus of course the 3 new tracks). I am only able to review the cd, but assuming the dvd is as awesome, which I am sure it is, I will recommend this with a 9/10 (Dave).


(Scarlet Records) Reviewed 29th August 2016

This Theatres Des Vampires new album, is set to be released on October 14th. The album has been inspired by a room of the infamous Pennhurst asylum in Pennsylvania, a room which was different from all the others, with coloured walls and bars on the windows, described as hell on earth by the patients of the facility, where adults and children with severe mental problems have been hidden from the public eye for decades. ‘Candyland’ was the name of that room. There are eleven mid to up tempo tracks running at just under 40 minutes, an all killer no filler album infused with melody and melancholic atmospheres that we have come to expect from this awesome band. And lets us not forget the distinguishable vocal style of Sonya Scarlet that is one of the main facets of the band, together with their mix of Gothic and electro influences that surface within the music. And with a guest appearance too from FERNANDO RIBEIRO (MOONSPELL) on the track 'Seventh Room'. This is another good album from this awesome Italian outfit and another record to be added to that all important “wants list”… 8.75/10 (Dave)


(AFM Records) Reviewed 30th September 2009

I have all Theatre of Tragedy's albums and I have been with them all the way, seeing their musical styles change through the years. But I am open minded regards my music, so I have enjoyed all their output as a consequence. Now, what about 'Forever Is The World'? Basically, this record continues where their previous offering, 'The Storm' left off, but without the electronic elements. 'Forever Is The World' you could say is an amalgamation of 'Aegis' and 'The Storm', and it confirms that vocalist Nell has settled in well. The cd gets going with the opening salvo of 'Hide and Seek' and 'Nine Days Wonder' , confirming that TOT are on top form with this release, while 'Revolution' and 'Transition' continue the good work. There is a lot of atmospheric and beautiful sounding stuff here, which all ends with the duo of the spell binding 'Deadland' and the awesome title track. It was the title track that actually had a colleague of mine asking.."who is this Dave"? They may have won a new fan! This is good stuff that confirms to me what a great band TOT are. Get it! 9/10 (Reviewed by Dave).


(AFM Records) Reviewed 4th May 2011

It is always sad when a band who has played a significant part in refining a genre call it a day, and it is even sadder when one of those bands so happen in this case to be one of my faves. I have been into TOT since their early days, have seen them flirt with various sub genres of the female fronted genre, and by and large still maintain a loyal fan base to boot. So to celebrate the ending of a musical phenomenum, this CD (16 tracks) and DVD (18 tracks and 94 minutes) will soon be released. The tracks span the whole career of TOT featuring cuts like 'And When He Falleth' from 'Velvet Darkness They Fear', 'Image' from the album 'Musique' and 'Frozen' from their last record 'Forever Is The World'. The DVD by the way featuring the additional tracks 'Lorelei' and 'Cassandra', both from the album 'Aegis'. Nell who was not the band's vocalist in the earlier days, performs her little heart out, as do all members of the band in this excellently put together package. I can whole heartedly recommend this release when it appears on the 20th May to fans of Theatre of Tragedy, and to those who are simply curious. It is never too late to get into a band, even when they have called it a day. Lovely stuff...9/10 (Dave)