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Ravenheart Reviews: Archived

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(Soyuz Music) Reviewed 10th January 2011

Tracktor Bowling is a hard rocking band from Moscow that were formed in 1996. This self titled effort is their fourth album (released last year), that is a pounding slab of alternative heavy rock sung in their native tongue. And this pounding style is emphasised quite nicely in the opening salvo of 'Nich'ya' and 'Pravda'. Great stuff to turn up loud and annoy the neighbours. The awesome 'Vremya' (Time) slows things down, but still has a powerful chorus. And front lady Lou can certainly belt them out from behind the mike. 'Ni Shagu Nazad' almost flirts with Arch Enemy territory, but is hideously melodic at the same time! 'Radi Chego' is another slow to mid tempo track, while 'Serdtse' and 'Rock' ups the tempo again. 'I Pomnu' is the album's power ballad, with the hard rocking 'Shrami' closing the album on a high! This record comes highly recommended and although I am not sure how easy a physical copy of this album is to obtain, iTunes UK has it. If you like blood curdling aggressive riffs coupled with uncovered emotions, yep, I would say this is for you! 8.75/10 (Dave)

TRACKTOR BOWLING…’Бесконечность'

(Moroz Records) Reviewed 15th November 2015

Tracktor Bowling is a Russian alternative metal band, formed in Moscow in 1996. The band is fronted by Lousine Gevorkian (who also fronts the Russian band Louna) and from what I understand from my contacts, they are one of the most popular metal bands in Russia. 'Бесконечность' is their fifth album and please do not ask for any translations LOL, but what I can say is that this band rocks and Lousine can sure belt out an awesome tune with those power house vocals of hers. There are 12 tracks on this record sung in the band's native tongue, and as my knowledge of the Russian language is literally non existent, I am unable to give any translation. But this is Alternative Rock/Metal of the highest calibre with a strong melodic sensibility. My advice - buy?... 9/10 (The Nugget)


(Napalm Records) Reviewed 16th January 2007

'Existentia' is a very good recording. The vocals consist of male grunts, clean male vocals, and off couse the female vocals provided by French singer Emmanuelle Zolda. As a consequence, this ensures a lot of variation on this cd, combined with top quality melodic metal, that still abundantly uses gothic style synths throughout. Highlights on this album are a plenty, and those highlights include the tracks 'Deceptive Mirrors', ‘My Comfort’, the awesome 'She Weaves Shadows', ‘The Closing Walls’ (just check out the little 'bit' featuring Emmanuelle), the slower more atmospheric and totally mind blowing 'Empty Room' and 'Shades of Yesterday'. This album by Trail Of Tears so happens to be a Gothic Metal masterpiece. The female vocals are not at the forefront on this cd, but who cares, they are there. And we here at Ravenheart just love it! A footnote from Aimee now: "Just wish the UK would wake up to this type of music"! How true!! Released Europe 29th January. 8.5/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Napalm Records) Reviewed 14th May 2009

I like Trail of Tears. They have recently had their fair share of problems, but like a phoenix, they have risen from the ashes, with founder member Ronny Thorsen being forced to put a new line up together. Their awesome brand of high octane gothic metal offers male and female vox. Last time out, the femme vocals were provided by Emmanuelle Zolda. This time, we see Cathrine Paulsen taking the lead female vocal role. Indeed, Cathrine is no stranger to Trail of Tears, as she featured on their very first album. This little opus, 'Bloodstained Endurance' unites all the best elements of their past releases, and pushes them to a new level. And the dual vocal attack of Cathrine and Ronny Thorsen sends shivers down my spine. This record is heavy, it has it's fair share of melody, and Ravenheart Music likes it. Another winner from the Napalm stable. Get it when it gets released (29 May EU and 2 June USA) and annoy the neighbours. 8.5/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Massacre Records) Reviewed 20th March 2013

This is the new and seventh album (together with bonus tracks) by the Norwegian gothic & dark metal masters TRAIL OF TEARS. Mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox (e.g., Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, Children Of Bodom, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow) and with cover artwork by Jan Yrlund/Darkgrove Design, who has worked with Ravenheart Music on our most recent Weeping Silence release, this is an epic album by this well established Band. As with the band's previous release, Ronny Thorsen and Cathrine Paulsen share vocal duties. 'Waves of Existence' kick proceedings off, a thundering start showcasing the vocal talents of both vocalists. 'Scream Out Loud' is rather catchy if I may say so, a pounding guitar/synth driven number. The rather interestingly titled 'Crimson Leads On The Trail Of Tears' follows and takes a similar up tempo path to the previous tracks, with Ronny taking the main lead on this one. The album rarely slows down with the title track maintaining the momentum, although 'Path Of Destruction' is a slower number with Cathrine Paulsen letting rip with her awesome voice, that I must say on this number is also rather seductive. The pace quickens with 'Vultures Guard My Shadow' and 'The Dawning', while onwards to 'Lost In Life', and we find that this is an awesome orchestrated power ballad sung with real passion by Cathrine. 'Eradicate' is the pounding closer on the conventional release, but the digipak as two thumping bounus tracks - 'Sleep Forever' and 'Quick Fix of Shame'. 'OSCILLATION' is a good record from Ronny Thorsen and the crew, which I can who heartedly recommend when released on 26th April... 8.5/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 1st June 2012

In 2011 Training Icarus won the Kent Metal to the Masses event which led them to a slot at Bloodstock alongside the likes of Hammerfall, Hell, Wasp and Exodus winning rave reviews and have also gigged with the likes of Blaze Bailey and Tesseract. Fronted by the staggering female vocal talents of Leigh Turner, TI’s unique and rather captivating sound has steadily led them to where they are today – huge melodic vocals, the soaring guitars of Martin Eldon with synth backing along with the crunching bass of Leigh’s brother Jayson and old school rock drums of Martin’s brother Richard. The cd I am reviewing is a demo cd consisting of 8 tracks of pumping modern day Melodic Rock with symphonic and electro influences. Opening salvo of 'Nightmares' and 'Taking What's Mine' open this cd and there are some latter day Nightwish influences shining through on these two tracks, particularly the opener, with some great guitar from Martin. And I gain the impression upon listening to this cd, that the band can pull of a flippin' good power ballad too when they want to - give 'Inamorato' and the massive sounding 'No Chance For Life' a listen as examples. It sort of harks me back to the power ballad days of the late 80's, the kinda music Journey and the like were so so good at releasing! I must say that this is a pretty impressive recording from this band, further dynamic tracks include the mid tempo 'Try' and the up beat 'Stand Aside'. And although only a 'demo', with just a little bit of 'polishing' this could well become a proper release causing I am sure a few ripples within the female fronted rock scene. Give this band a listen here, they deserve your support!! 9/10 (Dave)


(Ravenheart Music) Reviewed 1st October 2013

Training Icarus is a band from around London that has been causing quite a stir on the UK music scene for the last couple of years, and at long last they are about to unleash their debut album. They are fronted by Leigh Turner and her remarkable, powerful, rock voice, with guitarist Martin Eldon the musical brains behind the band. They quote a wide range of influences from traditional to symphonic metal and classic rock, but their signature sound harks back to big bands with the big sound, big drums and big hair of the 80's like Heart and Jim Steinman's roster. The first two tracks caught me off guard, being almost straight for the jugular metal, the title track 'Stand Aside' and the more gothic inflected 'Nightmares'. 'No Chance For Life' takes them back to their core style for the rest of the album, big dramatic songs packed with light and shade as they take it down and then build it up, rock out and then calm, featuring songs like the classic lighter waver 'Inamorata', the catchy rocker 'Taking What is Mine', the eastern infused 'Try', and the closing epic 'Set Them Straight'. The sound is suitably big, but I feel keyboards lack punch and volume, the synths should rattle the rafters, and the 80's exploding drums are very big, at times it's like being at Waterloo. This is a big record for people who love big rock and metal that should go down a storm on both side of the Atlantic. Fly close past the sun to their website, a big 8.75/10 (Phil)


(Atlantic Records) Reviewed 5th January 2010

The TSO was formed by Paul O’Neil back in 1996 to create grand rock operas, most of them based on Christmas (it made sense because they tend to do their massive arena tours around this time); this is only the second to not follow that subject. This time, the wonderful, emotional story is worthy of a blockbuster Hollywood drama, I will not tell you what it is about because it will spoil it; just enjoy reading the 64 page booklet. The songs themselves would not be out of place in Les Miserables, indeed, one of singers, Rob Evan, actually was in Les Miserables on Broadway. Jeff Scott Soto (W.E.T, Journey, Yngwie Malmsteen, etc.) takes the lead, together with the gorgeous Jennifer Cella. What about the highlights? The ‘Child of The Night’ segment in the grand choral opener, ‘Night Enchanted, is delightful, based on music by Delibes, and beautifully sung by Alexa Goddard and Valentina Porter. It also appears in its own right as a bonus track. ‘The Safest Way Into Tomorrow’, sung by Jay Pierce, is an outstanding ballad, Jeff Scott Soto puts in an emotionally charged performance on ‘Dreams We Conceive’, and ‘Epiphany’ is an epic, dramatically belted out by Rob Evan. ‘Father, Son, and Holy Ghost’ starts out gently before turning into a powerful ballad where Jennifer Cella sounds like Bonnie Tyler after some throat lozenges. This is followed by her more delicate performance on ‘Remnants of a Lullaby’. The only true rock song is ‘Sparks’ (although Jeff Scott Soto’s ‘Another Way You Can Die’ comes close) with Tim Huckleberry doing a decent Joe Cocker impersonation. What I do find strange are the 5 prog rock guitar wigouts, dispersed throughout the album. Based on classical themes, sounding like Dream Theatre plays ELP, they do not fit the story or the style of the album. They would have been better left out and put on the bonus disc so that the whole of the main album can fit on one disc. Even stranger, the best and most fitting instrumental, ‘Tracers’, is consigned to a bonus track. Therefore the album could be construed as something of a Curate’s Egg, depending on your viewpoint. Broadway fans may be put off by the prog, prog fans deterred by the Broadway songs. But if you are open minded (and there’s always the skip button), then this is a truly wonderful album and package. Being on a major label, there should be no problem in procuring a copy. 8.5/10 (Reviewed by Phil Wooldridge)


(Independent Release) Reviewed 1st August 2010

Trash Monroe fronted by Melany Dantes, is proving a bit of a hit here in the depths of Ravenheart Towers. They are also causing a stir at the moment on the Essex Underground Scene so I understand, and as I spent most of my childhood and earlier adult years in Essex, I am even more interested in this band. A high energy release here, with Melany proving that she can both sing or spit out the choruses - lovely stuff. Plenty of high octane material including 'Six Nine', 'Black and Blonde', 'Lord Loss' and 'Love Dysmorphia'. I have a strange feeling that the lyrics (all written by Melany) are the pain of personal experience, but what I do know is if this band maintain the momentum that is gathering with this release, as they progress in their career, they could be challenging some of the top bands of this genre. A very good record from this unsigned band, whilst the band is worth checking out at 8.5/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Line Out Records) Reviewed 28th Sept 2007

Trauma Pet are a four piece dark electro rock band from the UK. And a good cd they have given us here too. Not for the metal heads out there. But if you like your music with an electro poppier edge with loads of atmosphere, then check out Trauma Pet. The songs are strong, catchy and very danceable. And couple all that with the seductive and angelic vocals of Eleanor Scerri, and you know you are onto a winner! I could even imagine some of this material being played in the clubs - probably is, should be!!. Ravenheart's Rebecca brought this band to my attention, and I am glad she did. I like all types of music, this included. A very moving and very good 40 minutes of melodic electro pop. Great stuff! 8/10 (Reviewed by Dave).


(Svart Records) Reviewed 31st October 2016

Trees of Eternity was a collaboration between Finnish guitarist Juha Raivio (Swallow the Sun) and once Sweden based, South Africa born singer, the late Aleah Starbridge. The project can be described as down-tempo doom metal, with inspired melancholia and haunting female vocals. However, earlier in the year, Aleah was unfortunately taken from us to sing with the angels, may she rest in peace. This album featuring Aleah has been released in her memory. Now, it is very easy to give a good review on the strength of someone in the band being cruelly taken from us, and therefore receives a sympathetic and as a consequence good review, but I will say once and for all that this album is damn beautiful and damn good! Not a filler in sight and Aleah’s vocals are so alluring and angelic. Musically Draconian springs to mind as a comparison, but whoever or whatever springs to mind, this is an awesome long player. There is a tsunami of awesome tracks on this record - the awesome ‘Condemned To Silence’ features Mick Moss of Antimatter, ‘Broken Mirror’ is so magical and the closing 9+ minute haunting epic ‘Gallows Bird’ features Nick Holmes from the UK’s very own Paradise Lost. Put on your headphones, dim down the lights and play this album loud as thunder. Feel and breathe in Aleah's voice and the words and share with your friends near and far. This is the biz, pulling at my heart strings and lyrically nearly reducing me to tears! These songs had emotion and beauty before Aleah passed away, they now take on a completely new meaning!! Gets released 11th November ….9.5/10 (Dave)


(Independent Release) Reviewed 13th October 2009

It's time to rock, so it is time to turn up the volume and annoy those neighbours. It is time to listen to Welsh rockers Triaxis. And boy, do they rock. Featuring the awesome Krissie on lead vox, and for all you gal musician lovers out there, they even have a female rhythm guitarist, the lovely CJ. The other guys in the band are great musicians, with Gio on lead guitar totally mind blowing! I have seen this bunch live and they actually took my head away. The record kicks off with the 6 minute + 'Phoenix' and the band have laid their cards on the table with this starter. And if 'Phoenix' is not enough, along comes 'Gates of Damnation' to keep the pace going. Basically, the album continues in a smiliar vein, hard and heavy, and with this 66+ minutes of melodic mayhem, Triaxis prove that British Female Fronted Hard Rock and Metal is alive and screaming. Check them out at 8/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Rocksector Records) Reviewed 13th September 2012

'Rage & Retribution' is the follow up to the band's self released and well received debut 'Keys To The Kingdom'. And what we have here is the totally outstanding and powerful female vocals compliments of Krissie Kirby, serving up 11 tracks and over 50 minutes of powerful Melodic Metal with a Progressive edge, that leaves the listener gasping for breath. Triaxis have thrown down the gauntlet to bands like Holyhell and Crystal Viper informing the world that Britain has got talent, and some frikin good Welsh Metal talent at that too I might add!! To single out any highlights would be a complete waste of time, as the eleven tracks are all in the high class category from the bombastic opener 'Sand & Silver', through the massive power balladry of 'Asunder', the Progressive Metallic edge of 'And Shadows Creep' with its awesome chorus and cool acoustic outro, the live fave 'Sker Point', right through to the closer 'Some Things Are Worth Dying For'. There is certainly no let up to the intensity of the music on this record and to me Triaxis has come of age. This album is deserving of one's attention when released on the 8th October and comes well recommended from the crew at Ravenheart Towers. Check them out here ..9/10 (Dave)


(Rocksector Records) Reviewed 7th May 2015

British band Triaxis who actually hail from south Wales, is about to release their third album, 'Zero Hour' and prior to its release, we here present a review of what is a rather good album: The album clocks in at over 70 minutes and is a twelve track masterpiece of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, very impressive indeed. There are some epic songs here, only one, 'Victorious' clocks in at under four minutes, and the majestic closing title track runs in at nearly eleven minutes. And vocalist Krissie Kirby sure has a fine set of pipes that she utilises to full effect! And the track 'Lest We Forget' as the title may suggest, is a slower brooding number although still a track with a metallic feel - check out the lyrics. What can I say about this album, except to tell all and sundry to check this fine release out when it gets released later this month. The band Headline SOS fest on Friday 17th July in Manchester and return to Bloodstock open air on 9th August. This is well recommended - facebook here .. 9/10 (Dave)


(Frontiers) Reviewed 20th October 2011

Amanda Somerville is an American singer-songwriter who since 1999 has resided and worked mainly in Germany and the Netherlands. She is a vocal coach best known for her collaborations with various European metal bands (Avantasia, Epica, Kamelot, After Forever). For Amanda, TRILLIUM is something new, exciting and very diverse, and it is her "little baby". Musically, the band is a hybrid of mainly mid paced Melodic Rock and Metal - it's riffy, has a heavy hand instrumentally and is quite different from anything Amanda has ever worked on so far. The album also features Jorn Lande on a very special duet with Amanda on the power ballad 'Scream It', with it's awesome string intro. 'Machine Gun' and 'Coward' offer up a catchy opening salvo, and this melodic style continues through the rather awesome 12 tracks on offer, with 'Mistaken', 'Justifiable Casualty' and the bonus 'Love Is An Illusion' being fave tracks of mine, on an album that overall is very good! There are one or two slower numbers here ('Slow It Down' is one) that suit Amanda's vocal style to a tee, but by and large with this release, think Annie Lennox, Doro, Rob Zombie and Sade thrown into a blender and whipped into a frothy concoction. That gives quite an interesting and rather eclectic mix to say the least, especially when I even detected a little bit of a Freddy Mercury Queen vocal style within the track 'Purge'. This record is recommended and as a consequence is worth a punt of anyone's money when it gets released on November 4th! 8.75/10 (Dave)


(AFM Records) Reviewed 12th July 2010

Triosphere hail from Norway, have been picked up by AFM Records and are fronted by the impressive pipes of Ida Haukland. And what a star they have in Ms Haukland! This is their second album, and mixed by none other than Tommy Hansen too. 'Ignition' is the instrumental intro to this album that starts slow, and just when you thought the track offered a nice and mellow start to the record, it becomes a riff tastic fury of noise (nice noise btw). Next track up, the melodic 'Driven' puts the word Power into Power Metal and Melodic into Melodic Power Metal - still with me? This album is in-fact a Melodic Power Metaller's wet dream, being full of melody, full of power and yep, you've guessed it, full of metal. And with vocals that offer quite a bit of clout I must add!. This is a totally cool album throughout with some awesome musicianship from every member of the band. Fave tracks? - plenty of them but I quite like 'The Anger And The Silent Remorse' (fantastic stuff) and 'Watcher' (great chorus and guitar solo). This record is good, and one of those albums that you just want to listen too, out loud!! 9/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Steamhammer/SPV) Reviewed 27th January 2007

The CD roars of the starting blocks with 'Mercyside' which will rock your soxs off, reminding me a little of Theatre of Tragedy in the female vocal dept. And just as you are picking yourself up of the floor, 'Sanguine Sky' kicks in with an almost bluesy vibe before it becomes a pulsating gothic rocker of the highest standard. Moving on in a similar vibe until track 5, 'Destination Departure' then slows things down, this song full of beauty, and is one of my faves. 'Fate' has a near Pink Floyd feel to it, a slower and atmospheric song, with 'Lotus' picking the pace up again. 'Deadlands' is a slower and a very palatable accoustic offering, to end what overall is a melodic and very accessible cd, with very limited death metal grunts (by Vorph of 'Samael'), unlike some of Tristania's previous offerings. Indeed the main vocals of the angelic sounding Vibeke Stene and the clean male vox of Osten Bergoy are ace. And Vorph's limited grunts/screams are not overpowering either, when they do put in an appearance. Production by Waldemar Sorychta is spot on, making this release a must buy. 9/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Napalm Records) Reviewed 3rd August 2010

It is three years since Tristania's 'Illumination', and since then the band has undergone various line up changes, including a newly recruited singer, Mariangela Demurtas from Sardinia. Despite the changes, the band still utilise the use of the distinct male/female vocal format to great effect. 'Rubicon' was recorded during the first months of 2010, and as we can expect, we have another winner on our hands here. The record gets underway with the catchy 'Year Of The Rat', that will already be familiar with those of you that follow the band very closely on the internet. 'Protection' and the heavy sounding 'Patriot Games' carries on this excellent start, offering upbeat but catchy material. 'The Passing' is one of my fave tracks on this platter - a slower number but with some awesome instrumentation, heavy guitar riffs and great vocals. 'Exil' is a heavy sounding track, and what an excellent first 5 tracks on this album. Does it continue? Silly question really as it sure does. The catchy 'Sirens' continues with the lyrics "he couldn't get out of bed in the morning, he thought life was a drag" I am sure we all think like that sometimes :) 'Vulture' is another cool track in true Tristania tradition, whilst the album's closing trio maintain the high quality of music on this release - 'Megical Fix' another highlight, with a kinda late 70s feel to the chorus, while closer, the epic 'Illumination', well, I am outta breath :) Mariangela has an excellent vocal approach that fits in well with Tristania's style of music. While pushing forward, this record still offers the Gothic sound that is the trademark of their music and deserves to offer the band further success in this genre. Another great release from Napalm, and therefore 9/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Napalm Records) Reviewed 7th June 2013

The Norwegian Gothic Metal pioneers revolving around charismatic front lady Mariangela Demurtars, have the gift to combine heavy tunes with emotional finesse. This latest long player is filled with numerous details, diverse arrangements, a great atmosphere, beautiful melodies and hooks, and just the right amount of heaviness. The fantastic voices of Mariangela and Kjetil are the perfect match and crown the catchy riffs and the imaginary soundscapes. The modern sound of the new songs combined with the quality of musicianship, will take every Gothic Metal fan by storm. There are as a consequence, some meticulously crafted Gothic Metal tracks here with opener 'Number' having Kjetil's vocals screaming out of the speakers, before Mariangela calms proceedings down. Kjetil really lets rip on this opening number though, showing that he and the band mean business. The album starts as an up tempo affair with catchy choruses, and second number in 'Darkest White' is testomony to this featuring just the vocals of Kjetil, while third up 'Himmefall' is as awesome! Great vocals from Kjetil by the way while Mariangela is allowed to let rip too. But the stand out track to my ears is 'Requiem' where Mariangela really makes this number her own, totally grandoise in every respect. 'Diagnosis' slows things down a little, but is still rather captivating, done in a way only Tristania know how. The second half of the album keeps the momentum going, with both Mariangela and Kjetil still delivering the goods! 'Lavender' is totally amazing with clean male vocals before Mariangela comes into the fray - simply a lovely song! The closing duo of 'Cypher' and 'Arteries' fail to disappoint to end what is a rather good album. 'Darkest White' comes recommended by the Ravenheart crew, and it should be easily available at your friendly local rock and metal store...8.75/10 (Dave)


(Brennus) Reviewed 6th November 2010

Switzerland is producing some outstanding bands at the moment, Lunatica, Rizon, and Chapter II to name but a few, and now we can add symphonic metallers Trophallaxy to that illustrious roll call. Leading lady Joëlle Graz has a light slightly folky voice with a touch of classical and jazz that brings to mind Marjolaine Bernard of Wildpath and Flora Spinelli from Kerion. Indeed the first track ‘Beautiful Autumn Day’ also reminds me of those fine French bands, soft flurrying up-tempo symphonic power metal. In fact as I carry on through the album I find that this is one of the lightest power metal albums I have ever heard thanks to the lightness of touch shown in the excellent professional production by Jean-Michel Hugon and Yannick Rey’s soft warm fuzzy rhythm sound. The tag subtly symphonic power rock would be a more appropriate description. There is an increasing tendency for bands to shovel it on by the bucket load, creating a cacophonous wall of noise so tumultuous you can’t hear yourself think, Revamp and Star 1 being recent examples, it’s OK in small doses but it soon becomes exhausting. Trophallaxy are the total opposite, all the musicians are clearly audible and don’t have to fight to be heard, bassist Valentin Magnenat has the space to do some pretty nifty work instead of simply providing a stereotypical rumbling boom, just listen to his solo on the delightful ‘The Haven’, and the whole album has an easy on the ear, laid back vibe, that’s very refreshing and different. Less really can be more. The main beneficiary is Joëlle who doesn’t have to scream over a racket, you can hear the timbre and every nuance of her lovely voice. The song titles and lyrics, like ‘Dawn’ (one of the heavier numbers, live video on the Female Voices Blog), ‘Dreamcatcher’ with its super melody, and the jolly ‘Light the Sun’, also reflect this more tender tone. Keyboardist and main composer Jonathan Pelley is credited with growls, but before you dive behind the couch in terror, he pipes up very very rarely and it’s very mild. The songs are full of super instrumental touches and flourishes with Joëlle contributing some cello, and the whole album is up-beat, catchy, playful, highly melodious, but occasionally melancholic, like the charming ballad with the very apt title ‘Listening to the Rain’. If you always thought that power metal was fast and furious, thundering and thumping, full of bluster and bombast, then give this a try, it will appeal to a far wider range of rock and metal fans than just the sword waving fraternity (and I’m a fully paid up member), the Rainbow esque ‘Rock the World’ being a perfect example. Their Myspace is where you can find out how to acquire this gem before dawn fall, an invigorating 8.75/10 (Reviewed by Phil)


(Brennus Music) Reviewed 12th April 2013

With five years of existence, a demo, an album and many concerts in Switzerland and in France, Power Metal quintet Trophallaxy from Swizerland led by their singer and cellist Joëlle, are back this year with this their second album. This is more darker, more powerful and will undoubtedly do much more than confirm the hopes raised by 'DawnFall', their first album released in 2010 and acclaimed by the critics of the european metal scene. 'Ever Since' opens the album and is a Power metal masterpiece, with a progressive slant with male growls compliments of keyboardist Jonathan. 'Living Dead, Dying Alive' is another treat for Power Metal fans, as are further numbers like 'Scar Me To Death' (with awesome cello mid way - great stuff!), the melodic 'Nothing' that offers everything and 'Hellvetia'. The atmospheric synth intro to the symphonic melodic sounding 'Apologize For A Silence' is downright cool, and indeed, this is one of my fave numbers from the album, this track featuring just the vocals of Joëlle. If you like bands like Epica, Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius and Dream Theater, then add some occasional cello to the mix, this may well be up your alleyway....8/10 (Dave)


(Renaissance Records) Reviewed 5th June 2008

I love this album. And it is nothing to do with me promoting the band here in the UK, as I only promote good bands and good music! 'The Truth Behind The Mask' by Italian rockers Tular offers 12 tracks of ultra melodic metal with orchestral elements, subtle gothic undercurrents and some decent guitar solos too. It kicks in with a short intro 'Walking Through The Line', that then leads us straight into 'Witch', which is one helluva track that will immediately give you an idea as to what to expect on this cd. This track has been earmarked as a single by the label, and indeed there is a video to this song aswell. Great guitar solo by the way. Every track offers something special on this album, and although it is difficult to pick out any highlights, I do like the extremely melodic and catchy 'We Rule The night' and 'Let It Rain' (these are real faves of mine I must add). Francesca's vocals sorta remind me on the odd occasion of a cross between Ayin Aleph and Kate Bush, and even at times Sharon Den Adel of Within Temptation, but having said that, by and large Francesca does have her own vocal style and delivery, that I like so much! Basically, this album has to be bought by fans of the genre, and furthermore, if you are a fan of Nightwish and Within Temptation, you will be a fool to pass this one by. By all accounts and if I have my way, and I am sure going to try, this band will certainly be going places. Check out . Great stuff....9.5/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 16th January 2012

London based Tylean is a name I have been familiar with for some while, but I have never really been graced with any of her music. This lass who originally hails from the USA, composes and performs musical pieces intended to recreate emotions and experiences. Tylean's main tools being her voice and piano, although she does sometimes use and exploit the cello. This rather awesome EP is a breath of fresh air, and showcases what an awesome voice this girl has. To be honest, the kind of voice that can and should grace any Broadway stage. 'Love Always Dies' kicks this little platter off, a rather haunting intro with chimes that sets the atmosphere rather nicely, before Tylean's music and vocals take over. A song about lost love and romance, which I am sure many of us can relate to. 'The Dark The Blue and The Grey' is a solemn and broody piece, whilst a Jazzy, bluesy feel creeps into the music with the number 'Big Hearts'. 'Amputation of a Heart' closes this EP, and is a gripping, chilling number and one of the best on this EP. To sum up, this will take a bit of getting used to, but basically we have great vocals, great musicianship and Tylean is well worth checking out. Her website is HERE...8/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 7th July 2016

Hailing from Brooklyn NY, TYPHOID ROSIE has recently released this their album debut, ‘Hearts Bleed Goodbye’.Throughout their music, front-woman Rosie Rebel expresses the paralyzing loss in her music while also touching upon unrelated themes such as addiction, stalkers, losing yourself in bad company, and the apocalypse. Rosie Rebel by the way is also known for her pre-TYPHOID ROSIE work as a long-time comedian. Anyway, after suffering the tragic loss of her mother, Rosie started to open her songs she had previously written to the world using music as a way to express her deepest emotions, this album being the result. Though the record has a sentimental muse, there are also powerful feminist elements within several tracks including 'Run Along' and 'Walk of Shame' as well as recent focus tracks 'Baby I Want You' and 'Better to Know Now'. This indeed is a quirky collection of 11 tunes, all running in at between one & a half and three & a half minutes. Despite dealing with life's issues and problems, these tracks have this habit of hanging around in your head long after they have finished, very addictive with loads of pop catchiness coupled with indie grit. I can live comfortably with this release and I would recommend it. Check out Typhoid Rosie’s Facebook here… 8.25/10 (Dave)


(Self Released) Reviewed 15th February 2013

Tyranny of Hours ( is a Power-Progressive band based out of the Northwest United States. Going against the grain of the local music scene (primarily indy-rock, post grunge, blues and tribute bands), they united their influences of fusion and progressive rock with European metal to create their own brand of music. Featuring the soaring vocals of singer Michelle Mattair, Tyranny of Hours’ single “Amber” – released prior to this debut album, is generating rave reviews from regional and international press and fans alike. Anyway, what about the album? - 'What Is Free' is a thundering way to kick of the album, a great Power Metal track, and 'Above The Salt' maintains the tempo - power and melody all nicely wrapped in a neat little package. A fave number of mine, the aforementioned 'Amber' is next up, nicely followed by 'Legacy', which is another in my faves list. Michelle's vocals are awesome, and let us not forget the remaining members of the band, that drive the music along like an out of control express train. 'A Breath With Peace' (sung in Scottish Gaelic) as the title may suggest slows proceedings down, but the breather is brief before 'The Hapless Wand' kicks start the tempo again. 'Transvaal Sphere' delves into instrumental territory offering some awesome musician ship from all involved, great guitar and great atmospheric synths to end the track.'Vain Hope' takes a more Progressive route and is damn good, while the atmospheric and haunting 'The Warm' I am sure I have heard before, somewhere. The closing duo of the epic 7 minute + 'The Path That Lies Apart' and the 6 minute + 'Dark Symphony' end this rather good album, that confirms to me the quality of unsigned artists that is out there working hard to get noticed. To summarise, the album that is released April 5th, features 11 songs varying from powerful progressive instrumentals to stunning ethereal vocal-scapes to epic symphonic metal scores and is well worthy of 8.75/10 (Dave)


(Renaissance Records) Reviewed 20th July 2008

This is Italian band Tystnaden's second offering, 'Sham Of Perfection' their first appearing in 2006. Laura De Luca's voice will captivate fans of the femme genre, while the heaviness of this release will appeal to the more heavier music fans out there. 'In Our Eye' mixes the vocal prowess of Laura with the growls of Lorenzo Frascardli, the growls although apparent are not overdone. Some good melodic metal on offer here with subtle use of keys, and indeed this record is occasionally progressive too. There is some decent stuff here, but my fave tracks currently being the awesome 'Subterranean Gates' the slower ballad type song 'Fragile', 'Greed' and 'Infected'. This is a good release from the Renaissance stable with top notch production by the band themselves. I understand that this cd is available here in Europe only on import from the USA, and yet Europe is where this release would go down a storm. I await to see if it will ever get a European release. Good stuff from a decent band! 8/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Valery Records) Reviewed 15th April 2013

Tystnaden was born in 1999. The sound of the band is a charming mix between aggressiveness and melody, giving the listener a modern dark gothic metal sound. Fronted by Laura De Luca with occasional growls from keyboards player Giancarlo Guarrera, this is a very commercial and accessible release from this Italian band. The opening salvo of 'Lust' and 'Struggling At The Mirror' is a very good way to kick off the album, two very catchy tunes, particularly the latter that tends to stick around in your head for a while. 'Egonist' and 'Days and Lies' are epic tunes with awesome vocals from Laura and are just a couple of my faves from the album - great choral parts in the latter!. As I said earlier in the review, this is a very commerical and accessible release, and this is confirmed throughout the remainder of the record, just listen to the rather nice ballad 'Father Mother', the heavy but catchy 'The Life Before' the rocker 'Innerenemy' (great strings) and closer 'The Journey'. The previous two releases by this band are good, but this record I feel is better. Check the video out to the aforementioned 'STRUGGLING AT THE MIRROR' here. Great stuff and well recommended to lovers of the female fronted Gothic Metal scene and beyond!... 8.75/10 (Dave)